If you grew up with Calvin & Hobbes like I did, you may already have a warm feeling about the term transmogrify.

To transmogrify something is to change somebody/something completely, especially in a surprising way.

In the comic, Calvin used his transmogrification tools to adjust reality when he was frustrated, bored, or just for fun.

Here, I use them to take what you have right now — the ideas that form the foundation of your business, the goals you have for the future, the website and other marketing tools you use to bring in clients — and change them so they’re better, bolder, more in alignment with how you want to show up in the world.

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Phoenix Veritas KelleyI’m Phoenix, and this is my design, code, and consulting business.

I’ve been offering my work online since 2007, which — somehow — means I have been designing and coding for the web for the past ten years. I started consulting several years into that, after I’d established myself as a solo business and become entirely fascinated with marketing.

My marketing and business beliefs are summed up really well in my Code of Ethics. I write, offer, and work from these first principles.

Transmogrifier Media is a new brand name for my work, although the work itself is not new. I’ve been through many iterations over the past ten years, and the best way to describe what I’m doing and why seems to shift and change every few years. Catalyzing change is as much a part of me as breathing, and I have deeply enjoyed holding space for this to happen with business owners who are ready to engage in it.

Make no mistake — change is hard.

Transmogrification can be the worst feeling in the world, as much as it can also be the best feeling in the world. Anything worth doing is worth getting to the hard way.

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UX + Web Design & Development

Redesign of Existing Site — to refresh your current site or brand, or to move from one platform to another.

New Site Design — a brand new site on self-hosted WordPress, tailored to your brand.

Website Support — maintaining and updating your existing site on a retainer.

Brand + Marketing Consulting

Email Consulting — monthly email support while you build and execute on your marketing strategy and business plan.

Monthly Phone/Skype Consulting — monthly support while your business is in a growth spurt.

UX + Brand Audit — report detailing current strengths, weaknesses, and recommendations.

Money & Pricing for Privilege

Let’s talk about pricing

It’s my vision to provide business to business services for those communities who are often marginalized and ignored, or simply priced out, by other service providers. I want to help LGBTQIA+, POC, and low income people with visions put their work in the world through entrepreneurship. This is my heart.

This is why my rates are as low as you see listed here. I chose these price points to make sure that my people and my community have the support they needed to climb the ladder to wherever it is they want to go.

But these are not my across the board rates. In reality, I have a sliding scale rate system where those people who are in a position to pay more, and who have some measure of privilege they are able to leverage, are charged a slightly higher rate.

Why is that?

It’s because being sure I serve those who can’t afford higher prices puts me at risk of not being able to continue serving them. But it’s also because I firmly believe in using what privilege we have (for myself, I am a white femme-passing person living in America) to give a leg up to those below us on the privilege ladder. I find that many of us WANT to do that: to offer concrete help, to use our privilege for good – but we aren’t sure how to do that.

This is one of the ways.

When you self-identify as being able to pay a rate further up the sliding scale, you are in effect using your extra income to allow me to continue serving those who can barely afford my listed rate. I help you in your business, and you give a leg up to someone in a historically oppressed community: POC, LGBTQIA+, those living in poverty.

Access is more important to me than rates, and so this sliding scale will only come into effect if YOU self-identify as being willing and able to pay a different rate. I will not interrogate you about where you should be on the scale, nor will I use any form of judgement on what I think you should be paying. I will simply take your word for it. And we will go from there.

Let me know if you’d like to know what your rate will be if you identify as having privilege that enables you to afford more, or if you have any questions at all about my rate system.

Contact / RFP

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For questions or to contact us about any listed services, send an email through the below form:

For all other inquiries, email phoenixvkelley@gmail.com.