30 Minute Consult – Scheduling

Thank you for buying a 30-minute consult. This page gives you a little information on how to proceed.

Step One: Set up your appointment time:

Click this link here to go to my Calendly page and choose a 30-minute slot that works for your schedule.

Step Two: Make sure we’re connected!

The choices you’ll get are to either provide your phone number for a call, or your Gmail address for a Google Hangouts chat. Be sure that, whichever option is best for you, we’re connected and ready for our appointment time.

If I’m calling your phone, add me to your contacts: Phoenix Kelley, +1 (734) 386-0537. You can text me there to be sure I’ve got your number as well.

If I’m video calling you on Hangouts, add me to your contacts: request a connection in the Hangouts app or using Hangouts for web, to phoenixvkelley@gmail.com.

Step Three: Be ready at our appointment time.

I’ll initiate the call or video chat, so make sure you have your appointment marked in your calendar. If you aren’t able to make the appointment for any reason (really, any reason), please give as much notice as possible. We can likely reschedule, and that’s easier to do when we both have more notice.

I look forward to our conversation. Talk to you soon!