Code of Ethics

Don’t be a dick

Kindness and respect are vitally important. Just as important is this — I believe in treating people with the respect that they have earned, which means people acting like dicks will be dealt with firmly and swiftly.

Hell yes means yes

I operate in a consent culture: your choices are yours alone, and I will not engage in tactics that remove choice or create the illusion that no other choices are available to you.

Know yourself

I believe strongly in pursuing self-knowledge through the means available to you at any given time. My path is my own, and I will always encourage you to find yours and pursue it to your betterment.

Keep your word

Everything I say should be truthful, and every promise I make should be kept. When I do not keep my word, I should attempt to make it right without reasons or excuses.

None of us are free until all of us are free

Social justice, civil rights, human rights: until these issues are non-existent in this country, I will continue to do my part to shed light on them, to advocate for change, and to question my own motivations until I am able to show up in the world as a force for freedom. This translates to pricing models that are privilege based (all credit to Alexis P. Morgan for this phrase and concept).

Do it right or not at all

Don’t start a thing unless you know you can finish it. Don’t say yes to something you cannot do. Don’t leave work undone. Prepare for finishing strongly and well by looking at all angles ahead of time, and making the best possible plans.