Email Consulting

What is email consulting?

Email Consulting - 30 days of supportEmail consulting is a thirty-day time period in which you can send me questions about your marketing or business plans and strategies, and I’ll give you as detailed an answer as I can within three business days.

You can ask follow-up questions or new questions, and I’ll give you as detailed an answer as I can within three more business days.

Rinse, repeat, until thirty days are up.

You’ll also get added to my Transmogrifiers Slack channel, for peer support and the ability to DM me if something’s not making sense with an email reply I’ve sent to you.

This is for you if:

You have a question about marketing your online business that you need a second set of eyes on.

You have a strategy or plan that you want to run past a marketing person.

You’re in the process of creating a marketing strategy and want someone to bounce ideas off as you go.

You have a lot of ideas but you don’t know where to start.

You are stuck and can’t get traction, but need to move forward.

Cost & Timeline

Cost: $35 / month, payable by PayPal (I accept a few other digital forms of payment as well, so please ask if you can’t or don’t use PayPal)

Let’s talk about pricing — click here to read the rate guidelines I use, and why I’m pricing my work to better service historically oppressed minorities: POC, LGBTQIA+, and low-income people.

Timeline: one month (30 days)

How to sign up:

Go to the marketing consulting form, fill it in, and select Email Consulting from the checkboxes. I’ll respond shortly and provide you a payment link after you let me know what type of payment you can use.