Monthly Consulting

What is monthly consulting?

Monthly consulting is a month-by-month commitment that includes a 30-minute phone/Skype/video conversation every other week, and accountability support between calls by direct messages on Slack.

You’ll get an invitation to my Transmogrifiers Slack channel, so that in addition to the personal accountability, you’ll get the peer support and camaraderie that comes with being with a group of like-minded business owners.

To begin the month, you’ll get a questionnaire to fill out, to help us structure our time together around what you most need support with. This questionnaire will be an important piece of your resources going forward as well, to help re-frame your future business and marketing choices around what’s most important to you.

This is for you if:

You are in a transitional state between one stage of business and the next.

You knew what you were doing before, but what’s coming up feels like it’s above your current experience level.

You want accountability to keep you on track with the business decisions you’re making.

You don’t want the roadmap laid out for you, but you’d like support while you implement what you’ve chosen to do.

Cost & Timeline

Cost: $100 / month, payable by PayPal (I accept a few other digital forms of payment as well, so please ask if you can’t or don’t use PayPal)

Let’s talk about pricing — click here to read the rate guidelines I use, and why I’m pricing my work to better service historically oppressed minorities: POC, LGBTQIA+, and low-income people.

Timeline: monthly (30 days)

How to sign up:

Go to the marketing consulting form, fill it in, and select Monthly Consulting from the checkboxes. I’ll respond shortly and provide you a payment link after you let me know what type of payment you can use. You’ll receive your questionnaire and a schedule link within one business day of your payment.