UX + Brand Audit

What is a UX + Brand Audit?

A UX + Brand Audit is a written report evaluating your current user experience and apparent brand identity. It covers your website, and all channels you have access to (or as many as you’ve chosen for the audit) that you’re currently utilizing.

The report includes both evaluations and recommendations for improving different areas of your user experience and branding.

As a client, you’ll also receive an invitation to the Transmogrifiers Slack channel.

This is for you if:

You’ve never had a professionally created brand identity.

You aren’t sure what journey your users are taking to get to your different channels.

You have a lot of good stuff out there but it doesn’t tie together very well.

You’re preparing for a site redesign, a brand refresh, or some other change, and you want to be as granular as possible about what you want done.

Cost & Timeline

Cost: $225 / website + 2 channels
$350 / website + 3 channels
$425 / website + 4 channels

Payment is via PayPal (I accept a few other digital forms of payment as well, so please ask if you can’t or don’t use PayPal)

Let’s talk about pricing — click here to read the rate guidelines I use, and why I’m pricing my work to better service historically oppressed minorities: POC, LGBTQIA+, and low-income people.

Timeline: 2 weeks / 3 weeks / 4 weeks

How to get a UX + Brand Audit:

Go to the marketing consulting form, fill it in, and select UX + Brand Audit from the checkboxes. I’ll respond shortly and provide you a payment link after you let me know what type of payment you can use.