Kymberli Mulford

I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Phoenix a couple of times in the past… Yes, I was so pleased with what they did to set my website up and make it easy for me to maintain that I went back a couple of years later and asked them to do some work for my college grad. And then later I went back and asked them to change my website completely — from something that was completely career-related to something that was completely centered on a hobby. So there’s that. Repeat customer.

Phoenix knows their stuff. They’re very good at listening to what you want, and they’re even better at helping you figure out what you want when you haven’t yet decided. Their work is impeccable when it comes to writing, editing, design, etc. Their turnaround time is excellent, and they meet the deadlines that they promise. Their work is well worth the rates they charge, which are reasonable and competitive. In short, you can’t go wrong here. They’re the best!

— Kymberli Mulford: educator, butterfly enthusiast