Thirty Minute Feminist Marketing Consultation

Thirty minute feminist marketing consultation

This is a conversation about your marketing.

This is a conversation about why you market the way you do.

This is a conversation dedicated to deep questions about the philosophy underneath your marketing choices — the unconscious philosophy, and the framework you’ve intentionally utilized, whether you planned it that way or fell into it because it was the only thing you saw available to you.

This is a conversation that leads to more conversation.

This is a conversation that takes the shape of what is nagging at you the most: should I do this? Why am I doing this? Will this work? How do I move forward when I am uncomfortable about something and can’t put my finger on it?

The bigger, underlying questions always have to do with your internal beliefs and perspective.

Do you know why some of your work brings you satisfaction and some of it makes you deeply uncomfortable?

Do you understand how to shift your structures so that they allow for learning from your past and acknowledging mistakes you’ve made (or will make)?

Do you struggle to articulate the shifts you are already making, to yourself and to your clients and to your potential clients?

A conversation with me is a catalyst: to your writing, to your marketing strategies, to your changing perspective.

I have been doing business online since early 2007, and I took off my marketing hat for a few years recently because everything started to feel all wrong.

During that period of time, I experienced huge shifts in my personal life. I came out as genderqueer. I began studying in a lineaged tradition. I briefly went to work in the tech sector, and left that job because my family needed me home more.

I also experienced huge shifts in my understanding of social justice and civil rights. During the late summer of 2014, after Michael Brown was shot on August 9th, I watched video clips in real-time and read impassioned writing on Twitter, and realized in horror that I had been blind my entire life to what the black experience in America was like. It was a slap in the face that I needed, and I spent the better part of the next year dealing with my own white fragility, mourning the ignorance of my younger self, and beginning the hard daily work of peeling back the layers of white supremacy in my life and the lives of my family for whom I am responsible.

Most recently, I am dealing with a child in my family who has a complicated and traumatizing combination of mental disorders. I am learning to find a place of peace in the midst of chaos and trauma, and I am learning to ask for help.

A conversation with me is going to utilize what I know, the framework of my own journey toward greater honesty with myself, and it is going to utilize what I am still learning — that we must own our mistakes, and we must learn from them.

Thirty minutes is a short time commitment, but the impact of our conversation may reverberate into places you didn’t expect.

A thirty minute consult is $40, paid up front.

(Do you have the capacity and ability to pay more for this work? Please read my pricing guidelines, and send me a message if the price for you needs to be different.)

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