Phoenix Veritas KelleyI’m Phoenix, and this is my design, code, and consulting business.

I’ve been offering my work online since 2007, which — somehow — means I have been designing and coding for the web for the past ten years. I started consulting several years into that, after I’d established myself as a solo business and become entirely fascinated with marketing.

My marketing and business beliefs are summed up really well in my Code of Ethics. I write, offer, and work from these first principles.

Transmogrifier Media is a new brand name for my work, although the work itself is not new. I’ve been through many iterations over the past ten years, and the best way to describe what I’m doing and why seems to shift and change every few years. Catalyzing change is as much a part of me as breathing, and I have deeply enjoyed holding space for this to happen with business owners who are ready to engage in it.

Make no mistake — change is hard.

Transmogrification can be the worst feeling in the world, as much as it can also be the best feeling in the world. Anything worth doing is worth getting to the hard way.

Please use the contact page for reaching out to me for any reason.